Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hello? It's Me

Fast forward few years after;

Hi. It's me, again. 

I've had few blogs in the past that I decided to... stop writing and make it private. Why? I don't know. Why did I stop writing? I don't know. To be honest it is quite fun to read my old blog, obviously nobody else can access it but just for my own entertainment I guess - still fun to read! 

So, should I start writing again? Ahh. Nobody cares. Exactly. So I should start writing again for my own future self - to read, reflect and laugh at what younger me did.

Where should I start. Maybe a little update about myself. Ok you know what, since I'm going to be writing this for my own future self, I need to write this as if I'm talking to my future self. Sounds nutty but hey who cares.


Hi future me, today is 2016. February 28, 2016. This year is going to be a leap year. Hmm maybe I should do something crazy tomorrow, something that I could remember, 29 Feb doesn't come often gotta make it count buddy! Ok I'll think about it tomorrow. Anyway - let's do a quick life check.

I graduated from school.
I got a full time job - a restaurant manager to be exact.
I still live in Canada.
I bought a car, paid cash. No debt.
I got a nice 2 bedroom basement suite that I rented all for myself.
I am also turning 25 this September. 
Not married, have no kids.

I think I pretty much got my shit together at this point. Except for one thing - I think I am starting to dislike my job. Like I figured out that this is something that I am not passionate for. Dear future me, do you think I should quit? Be vulnerable and throw myself out there? My current job pays me well - but money is not everything for me at this point. Oh God I am so confused, what should I do? What would I do? Damn it, being an adult is freaking hard. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I've started to blog again recently, so if you feel like reading my writing again (pukes :p) hop over to! See you there.